ERASMUS+ KA107 (en.)

ERASMUS+ KA107 (en.)

Mobility of university students and employees – cooperation with partner countries (Erasmus + KA107) in 2018-2020.

In action 1 „Educational mobility” of the Erasmus + program, universities can obtain funding for exchanging students and employees with program countries and exchanges with partner countries from other regions of the world.

Educational mobility carried out with partner countries is co-financed from other sources than mobility between program countries, therefore the universities concerned must submit a separate application. The competition rules are different than in the case of mobility between program countries.

Project for mobilities of this type may include cooperation with one or more partner countries.

The project concerning cooperation with partner countries may include the following types of mobility:

  • Arrivals / departures of students in order to complete a part of their studies at a foreign partner university;
  • Arrivals / departures of academic teachers to conduct classes/lectures/seminars for foreign university students;
  • Arrivals / departures of university employees for training purposes.

Individual beneficiaries (students and university staff) apply for a mobility at their home university.

Students and employees coming to Polish universities from universities in partner countries receive a grant from the Polish university under a financial agreement, which the institution will sign with the National Agency.